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There has been a recent increase in cyber crime with law firms and their clients being targeted. These emails are designed to trick the user for the purpose of stealing sensitive information such as identities, passwords and credit card numbers or stealing money through the transfer of funds. 

1.      How To Spot a Hoax Email

1.1    Legitimate emails from Haygarth Jones will be sent from an email address ending with "". Should you receive

          any unsolicited email claiming to have been sent by Haygarth Jones, or any person claiming to represent Haygarth Jones, please

          treat it as highly suspicious. Fraudsters will usually send emails from web-based email addresses such as Hotmail or Gmail.

1.2    Haygarth Jones will never request your personal details and/or bank details via email. 

1.3    Haygarth Jones, as with all solicitors firms, are bound by regulations to say that we will not engage in cold calls or unsolicited


2.      What To Do If You Receive A Hoax Email

2.1    If in doubt - don't reply. Instead, if you know the sender, send them a separate email using their real email address, or call them

          using a known contact number. Make sure to delete confirmed hoax emails. If you do receive any unsolicited emails alleging to 

          have been sent from Haygarth Jones then please bring it to our attention by forwarding it to: with

          the Subject 'HJ Hoax Email'

2.2    All hoax emails that are brought to our attention are reported to Action Fraud and the SRA for invesitgation and circulation. For

          more information, please visit or

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