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Deciding that a relationship has irretrievably broken down and that the only recourse is divorce is a hugely unsettling and upsetting process. We are there to make the process as pain-free as we can while ensuring the interests and well-being of clients and especially their children, are carefully considered.


Whether you are seeking to commence divorce proceedings or have received notice of divorce proceedings commenced by your partner and need to respond to these, it is important to seek specialist legal advice as early as possible.


By instructing Haygarth Jones to represent you in your divorce process, you obtain not only a personal service but the security in knowing that a qualified professional who has many years of experience is dealing with your case.


We understand how difficult and emotional a divorce can be and that there are a variety of considerations to be made, especially if children are involved.


Before thinking about anything else, you need to consider any children that may be affected by your separation. Afterwards, you need to look at your assets and interests, including any property, finances, will etc. and that is where we are here to help.


Our solicitors will give you the advice you require to protect your interests and those of your children. They will guide you through your legal position, options and entitlements.


We understand that legal costs in respect of a divorce can be a concern for people which is why we offer a fixed fee as follows:-

  • Petitioner - £599.00 + VAT

  • Respondent - £450.00 + VAT

There is also a fee of £550.00 payable to the Court when submitting your divorce application. 

Legal Aid is available for divorce matters however certain criteria has to be met. 


Divorce proceedings can only be started one year from the date of marriage. The law states that to be granted a divorce, you need to prove that your marriage has irretrievably broken down. This has to be based on one of five facts, which are:-

  1. Adultery

  2. Unreasonable behaviour

  3. Desertion

  4. Living apart for more than 2 years

  5. Living apart for more than 5 years

Divorce is a very personal matter, and this can make choosing your grounds challenging, particularly if neither party wishes to assign blame. The closest grounds to no-fault divorce available in the UK is living apart for two or five years, and this is far from practical in most cases.

If you need advice or wish to start divorce proceedings then contact our Family Department on 01744 757877 or email at

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