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Updated: 17th May 2021

Our Office

Following the Government's easing of the third lockdown, our reception is now open and operating in accordance with COVID-Safety Guidance. However, we have decided to remain cautious and ask that, if possible, you continue to telephone/email us before deciding to come into the office.


If you do need to attend at our office, you must wear a mask at all times when inside. We will only allow a maximum of two persons (plus one employee) into the reception area. If there are more than two persons with then you will be asked to wait outside. 

Some of our employees are able to work safely from our office but there are still some employees working remotely. We have strong IT support and infrastructure in place to ensure that all who work remotely are well linked to the office and to you, as well as to all resources available to them.

Client Meetings

For the time being, all appointments will continue to be conducted via telephone or video call, unless advised otherwise. We are able to attend conference calls between clients and other parties (i.e. Local Authority) via video call. 

Court Proceedings

Clients who are required to attend Court during these times should check with their Legal Representative whether their attendance at Court is required. It is our understanding that all clients who have proceedings at the Magistrates/Crown Court are still required to attend. If you have proceedings at the Family Court, most hearings are taking place via telephone unless stated otherwise. It is important that you contact us if you are unsure whether you should attend Court or not. 

Communication via Post

We are still finding the postal service to be slower than usual for both incoming and outgoing post. We would be grateful if both clients and professionals could contact us by email at or telephone on 01744 757877, wherever possible, to ensure we are able to assist you as promptly as possible. If you need to drop post off at the office, please leave it in the black box situated to the left of our front door (lift the lid to put the post inside).


We will continue to monitor the situation and are regularly updating our employees with the latest advice and guidance from the Government. 

We thank you for your co-operation during this unprecedented time. 

Stay safe. 

- The Partners and Staff at Haygarth Jones Solicitors

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